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Online sales
platform for agents

  • Easy & innovative way to manage the sale
  • Agent-controlled
  • Mobile-friendly
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and fair for buyers

  • Know where you stand
  • Fair & equal opportunity to secure the property
  • Make an offer from anywhere at any time
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Sellers achieve
the best sales result

  • Heightens competitive tension
  • Maximises the selling price
  • Gives buyers extra opportunities to secure the property
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REBid is an online sales tool for all real estate agents. It is completely independent, with no affiliation to any real estate agency or property group. You can have confidence in REBid, whether you’re buying or selling, because we are proudly endorsed by the Real Estate Institutes in South Australia and Western Australia.  As an online offer management system, REBid is a flexible, efficient and transparent process that assists the agent to sell the property. REBid offers real estate agents another method of sale to assist them to negotiate in the most efficient and effective way.

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Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

REBid is a flexible online sales tool that gets results, and is completely controlled by you, the agent. It is ideally suited to multiple offer sales, to deliver the best sale outcome for your client. By ranking offers (without disclosing price) buyers know where they stand and can make their best offers with confidence.

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Property Buyers

Property Buyers

For most of us, buying and selling real estate is the biggest financial transaction of our lives, so it’s important to get it right. REBid makes it simple and easy – REBid is an online real estate sales tool, that’s transparent and lets buyers know where they stand so all buyers have a fair and equal opportunity to purchase the property.

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Property Sellers

Property Sellers

Choosing the right real estate agent and the best method of sale are the key decisions when selling a property – your agent is the professional who knows your area and your market, so is therefore in the best position to recommend the best method of sale. REBid is an online sales tool for real estate agents that aims to get you the best sale outcome for your property.

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Key Benefits

Online sales platform

Providing agents with an easy and innovative way to manage the sale of real estate, that offers benefits to both buyers and sellers.

Agent controlled

The agent controls the process, from inviting buyers into the sale, to calling for offers, setting the timeframes and closing the sale.

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Transparent & fair

Buyers know where they stand, so all buyers have a fair and equal opportunity to purchase the property.

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Best sale outcome

Sellers can be confident of achieving the best result for their sale.

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Mobile friendly

Agents have every detail of every sale at their fingertips via their phone, tablet or laptop no matter where they are.

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Keeping in touch

Offering agents a great communication tool for both buyers and sellers, with every buyer and every offer captured on one screen.


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