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We’re so excited that you have come on-board with REBid and we look forward to partnering with you to provide an easy and innovative way to manage your sales.

We want to help you achieve great results for your sellers and buyers!
Here is your Marketing Kit which is all you need to market to potential sellers and buyers. There is also a Vendor brochure for your appraisal kit as well as workflows for your buyers to guide them through the REBid offer system.

If you haven’t already; please create your free account on the ‘Register Here’ link above and feel free to practice on ‘100 Test Street Testville’ to familiarise yourself with the system. Our team are always available for questions if you need support with a potential listing which may suit the REBid process.

We look forward to helping you on your REBid journey!

REBid Brochure

All you need to know about REBid

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Seller Brochure

Use this brochure to help explain the benefits of REBid to your Seller

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Buyer DL Flyer

Use this brochure to help explain the REBid process to potential Buyers

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How REBid works for Agents

A step-by-step User Guide for Agents

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How REBid works for Buyers

A step-by-step User Guide for Buyers

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Video: REBid for Agents

See how REBid supports Penny Riggs of Klemich Real Estate Henley Beach to achieve a premium price in Beaumont, South Australia. 

Tutorial: How to register on REBid

Step by step guide showing you how easy it is to become a registered REBid Agent. 

Tutorial: How to create a test sale

Once registered as a REBid Agent, you can load a test sale to see first-hand just how easy it is to load a property for sale and take it through the REBid process.

Tutorial: How to rank buyer offers

By ranking offers (without disclosing price) buyers know where they stand and can make their best offer with confidence. You, the Agent, control when and how often offers are ranked in order to create competition between buyers. 

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